Sunday, May 3, 2009

What can I do for you today?

Native American and other cultures have a custom of giving to others on your birthday, instead of receiving. Since today is my birthday, I wanted to do something different. So, I am flipping the script and asking, "What I can do for you?" Tell me how I can help you today.

There is a catch to this. Your request can't cost money!

Do you need something edited? Do you need advice for your business, personal life or to help a friend? Do you need career change advice? How about publishing advcie? Or something else? Let me know via a linkedin message/reply, e-mail, comment on my blog using this link , or Twitter it to me at .

If I can write, do, act, ask or tell, send your request my way. If I can't do it myself, I will work to find someone who can.


Susan Walls said...


Happy birthday from a fellow Taurean!

You are a very generous person! What you can do for me is to think positive thoughts always and be kind to strangers. I know this is not likely what you had in mind, but you see, although I am an executive who's been out of work for over a year, I believe in the power of positive thinking and helping others in any way I can.

For me, the most rewarding actions are frequently small acts of kindness that mean the world to others.

Have a great day!


Kennette Reed said...

Please provide me with details of what you're looking for (privately) and I'll be sure to be on the lookout for possibilities.

Thanks for your comment.

angelandspot said...

Happy Birthday! If you know of a way I can make more sales from my Zazzle store by free advertising you could help me. I already advertise on my blog but I am always looking for more free ways to advertise.

Other than that I hope you have a great day!