Thursday, February 10, 2011

To Thyself Give Love

It's that time again. Hearts, candies and flowers abound. In another lifetime, I owned multiple retail floral locations and this was our busiest time of the year.

This is also the time of year when expectations are high. We sometimes anxiously await a gift, a card or a romantic evening with someone special. On February 15th, there will be thoughts of dreams fulfilled, underwhelmed gift recipients and lonely hearts.

Why wait for someone to demonstrate their love or affection for you? Resolve to show yourself love. and continue to do so throughout the year. Whatever you decide you'd like to experience, do it for yourself. Begin to give yourself the love you want from others.

Too often, I see people searching for "the one" who will "complete" them. Pssst. That person doesn't exist. News flash. You're already complete. Now take the complete package that you are and start enjoying yourself. How do you love thee? In countless ways.

If you're already in a relationship, this applies to you as well. Whatever you want for you, don't wait for your partner to give it to you. If you need more from your relationships, don't hope other's will guess what you need, be clear about what you require and how you want it.

Take care of yourself. Work to make yourself feel complete, and you will be okay, regardless. People will enter and exit your life, but wherever you go, there you'll be. Since you'll be with you for a long time, might as well learn to love yourself.

Oh, and on the subject of finding someone to love...the more fun you learn to have with you, the more attractive you'll be to others. Though looking good will definitely help your ego, the package wrapping is always far less valuable than its contents.

I believe a man/woman should not be a necessity, in your life, but an accessory. Their presence should only complement what is already beautiful.

Appreciate the beauty in and of you, and the world will reflect the same.