Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Will Speak for Fee

Share The Secret & Use It Yourself
There are many people who don't know I exist (imagine that). There are also many of you who at times are in need of a speaker/presenter for your meeting or event, and the thought, "I should hire Kennette Reed for this presentation", never crosses your mind. I'm sure that's partly my fault. But, we can remedy this situation. Please help me by:

  • Looking for meetings/events/conferences where Kennette could be hired as a Keynote speaker
  • Hiring Kennette Reed as a Keynote Speaker for your meeting, event or conference
  • Recommending Kennette Reed to others as a Keynote speaker

I know, it's not subtle, but a girl's got to work. If you're uncertain about my topics, whether I'd be a good fit or need more information, please visit my Speaking website or phone me at 678-344-6373 or 510-352-2121. Want to submit a request for a consultation? You can submit your inquiry by using our online Speaker Presentation Query Form and of course, email is always an option .

What's In It For You?
Any referral that turns into a speaking engagement earns you 25% of the speaking fee in commission. That can amount to hundreds of dollars. An easy way to earn some additional cash.

So, what are you waiting for? This is a win-win. Start sharing the secret today. Tell your friends, family and associates about Kennette Reed. Refer them to and make sure they tell me you sent them. I want to make sure you get the credit. Feel free to follow up on any referrals, at any time. I'd love to hear from you.

I appreciate your continuing support. Thanks for taking the time for this message.