Thursday, January 24, 2008

All For The Love of Money

While channel surfing last night I ran across a show (The Moment of Truth) that hooks a person up to a lie detector and while the person sits in front of the world (an audience, their significant other, and two other friends or family members are also sitting across from him), they are asked very personal questions. If they answer truthfully (according to the lie detector), they accumulate money. The goal is for the lie detector to detect a truthful response to every question answered, and thus win the $100,000 prize.

As I watched a man answer extremely personal questions (and the faces of his family and friends as he responded), I shook my head is disgust. At times, his responses brought obvious concern and pain to the face of his wife. The worst part (besides the fact that he did it in the first place), he did it on national television.

There is no amount of money that would lure me into putting my spouse through that. Shame on the man for going on the show and shame on the wife for supporting him in doing so (by agreeing to be on the show with him). Thereby, putting herself in that position.

In the end, the lie detector determined he didn't answer a question truthfully. So, he left with no money. Now, he must go home and try to repair the damage done to his relationship. The result could be a relationship damaged beyond repair. Was it worth it?

What would you do? Would you go on a show like that and possibly risk permanent damage to your relationship(s)?

Kennette Reed