Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is Eight Enough or Too Many?

With all the hype surrounding the Gosselin family, I've been wondering a lot about how the kids are fairing and thinking about the entire concept of a large family. Can parents with so many children even consider divorce to be an option?

With so many children, how can two parents possibly provide each child the time, attention and nurturing they need to become a healthy, happy, well-adjusted adult? It's certainly challenging to raise and send one well-adjusted person off into the world. Even when parents seemingly do everything right, the adult who emerges may not always be the responsible and successful person the parents had hoped for.

With all of the out-of-control in vitro fertilization (and the resulting multiple births) occurring, do you think it is unfair, unwise and unjustified for couples to be able to bring more than two or three children into the world at a time? I've seen too many parents who thought about having babies, but didn't think about all the years after the baby stage. Many of these parents will be the ones who fail to instill / enforce behaviors / values in their children during their "formative years" to help them effectively manage life and their relationships as teens and adults. These ill-prepared children are often unable to cope with a world that requires them to adhere to a code of conduct, effectively manage relationships and accept responsibility for the consequences of their behavior.

Parenting isn't easy when there is only one child in the family, let alone four or more. Add on the in-your-face messages of worldly influences constantly reaching out and touching our children and the cost of living steadily climbing. With all of this, effectively managing, nurturing and supplying for the needs of a large family in the twenty-first century seems to be untenable.

Am I the only one thinking about these things? What do you think? What's the answer?

Kennette Reed